around here.

I thought I would share how things are coming along here around here. As some of you may know, we just relocated to Nashville about a month ago from North Carolina. Seeing as I have been without a job after moving (I start my new job next week!) I've had ample time to get settled in. Lucky for us, the floor plan of our rental is similar to our old home so our furniture has fit in nicely. There is some more work to do before our place feels "complete" but I'm happy with how things have come together. 


Buttergirl Diaries :

Hey I'm Ginny! I'm from Raleigh NC! I found you through the NC bloggers linkup. I was born in Durham, went to college at Meredith in Raleigh and still am here in the capital city. Sad to see you left NC. How is Tennessee life? I have a lifestyle blog called Buttergirl Diaries. So nice to meet you! I love your blog!!

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