the color gray.

Hello friends. Let's talk paint. Finding the perfect gray paint color is a journey that I've been on for awhile (like a few years). I've always struggled with grays having too much blue in them. It drove me nuts. Finally I have found a couple perfect grays! I used Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl in our bedrooms and I am in love with the result. It is really light but is a beautiful shade of gray that serves as a great neutral back drop.

Then I needed to find a nice darker gray to revamp our dated bathroom vanity. I ended up choosing Olympic's Dover Gray. Again, I was ecstatic with the shade of gray. 

So there you have it. Two shades of gray that are sure to please. Happy hump day ya'll.


Deb :

Such a pretty color throw, did you make it? Louie looks huge in this photo(too cute)! I like the gray, I am
looking to paint my upstairs bathroom vanity gray,thanks for the paint color tips.

jen poole :

Hey Deb! Actually its an old blanket my mom made a long time ago. Its one of my favorites.

You'll have to show me pics when you paint your vanity! I was surprised how easy a project it was to paint ours!

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